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Snow Day Download!

We have heard from many parents that this winter feels infinite. So here is something to keep little hands and minds busy.

This free Snow Day Worksheet has fun activities that you can do at home. You can even add on to this printable by [...]

March 3rd, 2019|

STEM Jobs That Require a College Degree

STEM Jobs That Require a College Degree 

Over the last decade, STEM occupations have grown at a much faster pace than non-STEM occupations (24.4 percent compared to only 4.0, respectively). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016 projections, employment [...]

February 8th, 2019|

So much STEM in KC

Off-Kilta Matilda at Educator STEM Fest 

Sometime you don't realize how much STEM is in KC!

We found our tribe at Union Station last month and met amazing teachers and resources for STEM. Did you know that resouces like the KC STEM Alliance have [...]

October 10th, 2018|

STEM Jobs that Don’t Require a Four-Year College Degree

It’s a common misconception that a four-year college degree is a requirement when applying for high-paying jobs, especially in STEM fields. 

But with ever-increasing college tuition rates and student debt on the rise— the average student debt is at $37,172, an increase of $20,000 [...]

October 4th, 2018|
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