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Hi! I'm Off-Kilta Matilda™

My story is pretty cool. I’m in the second grade and I’m a ladybug. I love math and playing outside. I have a pet worm named Archi, and I was having a very hard time in school.

Most of my bug friends have identical spots on their wings, but I have 5 spots on one wing and 6 spots on the other. Some of the kids in my class made fun of me and so my mom and I started the Prime Number Club™

The Prime Number Club™ is fun and you can get involved today. We get to talk about math and solve mysteries using prime numbers. My mom is kicking things off with the book, Off-Kilta Matilda and we will have updates on our books, club, worksheets and coloring pages soon.

Order the book, plush and tote today!

We have a vision where girls (and boys) will have fun and rally around math and science. We have plans for at least two more books, teaching guides, coloring worksheets, cartoons, a math app and much more.

We have a vision of self-confident kids, that embrace their spots, lead in STEM and study the mysteries of math and science.

We would love to see the Prime Number Club™ used in schools, on bookshelves and have big dreams that one day we will see Off-Kilta Matilda™ on the big screen!  If you want to learn about the Prime Number Club™ and about Off-Kilta Matilda ™ please call or email.

Thanks so much - Sarah!

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