Hi! I'm Off-Kilta MatildaTM

My story is pretty cool. I’m in the second grade and I’m a ladybug. I love math and playing outside. I have a pet worm named Archi, and I was having a very hard time in school.

Most of my bug friends have identical spots on their wings, but I have 5 spots on one wing and 6 spots on the other. Some of the kids in my class made fun of me and so my mom and I started the Prime Number ClubTM.

The Prime Number ClubTM is fun and you can join today. We get to talk about math and solve mysteries using prime numbers. My mom is kicking things off with the book, Off-Kilta MatildaTM, and we will have updates on our books, club, worksheets, and coloring pages.

Order the book, plush and tote today—check out "The Buzz" about STEM on our blog.

We have a vision where girls (and boys) will have fun and rally around math and science. We have a series of books, teaching guides, coloring worksheets, cartoons, and more to come.

We have a vision of self-confident kids that embrace their spots, lead in STEM, and study the mysteries of math and science.

We would love to see the Prime Number ClubTM used in schools, on bookshelves and have big dreams that one day we will see Off-Kilta MatildaTM on the big screen!  If you want to learn about the Prime Number ClubTM and Off-Kilta MatildaTM please call or email. We love to bring Off Kilta MatildaTM to schools and summer camps.

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