• This book is for children from kindergarten through third grade. Pre-readers will love the vibrant illustrations and parents will love all of the math puns. Get your child started in STEM today! This book promotes STEM and Self-esteem, we call it STEMesteem!  
  • Grab your book and plush and have an adventure with this cute tote. Show off your love for Off-Kilta Matilda™ and the Prime Number Club™ when you go to the library, store and everywhere you go.
  • Get the Off-Kilta Matilda plush! This adorable doll has 5 spots on the left wing and 6 spots on the right. She has great big eyes and a cute purple and blue body. She is small (8 inches) enough to fit in the tote and go everywhere. Take Off-Kilta Matilda with you and make math and science part of your everyday.
  • Get these coloring pages for free! Download these pages to your desktop as a companion to your book. Fun for the entire family.
  • Earn the Off-Kilta Matilda™ STEMesteem™ patch AND do fun hands-on activities that will teach your child about computer safety, bugs, cybersecurity and how to be a home scientist! This activity is all about you! We will create an activity specific to your classroom, group or troop.  
  • Did you forget the card? Don't worry, we have you covered! Download our Valentine's Day card, Beetle my Valentine and show your support for STEM.
  • Let kids know that STEM is in! Download this FREE Valentine's Day card and spread the love of STEM.
  • Download this free worksheet today. Join our prime number club and make math fun for everyone.
  • Print out this coloring page and have fun coloring Off-Kilta Matilda® and Archi. Use this sheet to count Off-Kilta Matilda's wings or try to add up all of the letters in Happy Halloween!
  • Count the ways you are thankful!
  • The Prime Number Club® is made up of many “buggy friends.”  Many of these friends are named after people that had a huge effect on STEM today. Carl our grasshopper has many of the characteristics of Carl Linnaeus. He looks for patterns, loves to make systems, has zeal for efficiency and is a fan of discovering new things.
  • Download this free worksheet on Edith Patch The Prime Number Club® is made up of many “buggy friends.” Many of these friends are named after people that had a huge effect on STEM today. Edith our fly has many of the characteristics of Edith Patch. She loves research, writing, protecting the environment and is persistent.
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