• The Prime Number Club® is made up of many “buggy friends.”  Many of these friends are named after people that had a huge effect on STEM today. Carl our grasshopper has many of the characteristics of Carl Linnaeus. He looks for patterns, loves to make systems, has zeal for efficiency and is a fan of discovering new things.
  • Put this chart up on your fridge and practice everyday STEM!
  • Get these coloring pages for free! Download these pages to your desktop as a companion to your book. Fun for the entire family.
  • Download this free worksheet on Edith Patch The Prime Number Club® is made up of many “buggy friends.” Many of these friends are named after people that had a huge effect on STEM today. Edith our fly has many of the characteristics of Edith Patch. She loves research, writing, protecting the environment and is persistent.
  • Get the Off-Kilta Matilda plush! This adorable doll has 5 spots on the left wing and 6 spots on the right. She has great big eyes and a cute purple and blue body. She is small (8 inches) enough to fit in the tote and go everywhere. Take Off-Kilta Matilda with you and make math and science part of your everyday.
  • It does not matter if you are new school, old school or homeschool ALL teachers love this teaching kit.

    Look at all of the items in the Teaching Kit!

    This kit has all of the Off-Kilta Matilda™ products in one handy-dandy tote.
  • This book is for children from kindergarten through third grade. Pre-readers will love the vibrant illustrations and parents will love all of the math puns. Get your child started in STEM today! This book promotes STEM and Self-esteem, we call it STEMesteem!  
  • Grab your book and plush and have an adventure with this cute tote. Show off your love for Off-Kilta Matilda™ and the Prime Number Club™ when you go to the library, store and everywhere you go.
  • Earn the Off-Kilta Matilda™ STEMesteem™ patch AND do fun hands-on activities that will teach your child about computer safety, bugs, cybersecurity and how to be a home scientist! This activity is all about you! We will create an activity specific to your classroom, group or troop.  
  • Welcome to the Prime Number Club! Old School, New School or Homeschool this Teaching Guide will help you with everything Off-Kilta Matilda™. We work with kids, parents, and teachers all over the country. Every day we learn new ways to teach self-esteem and STEM.   For our younger students, we often start the story by asking them what makes them unique? We also do fun things like having the kids get up and organize themselves into prime numbers or Off-Kilta Matilda's wings.  
  • Did you forget the card? Don't worry, we have you covered! Download our Valentine's Day card, Beetle my Valentine and show your support for STEM.
  • Let kids know that STEM is in! Download this FREE Valentine's Day card and spread the love of STEM.